5G offers a great opportunity to digitize the operations in the underground mines. Poor connectivity has always been an hurdle there. 5G is ideal because it relies on a large number of short range base stations that can be deployed throughout the tunnels.

But there is another obstacle to 5G wider adoption – surprisingly it is a lack of firewall friendly low latency video streaming protocols. If you want to deploy streaming to cross company boundaries, today your options are HLS or RTMP that give you seconds of latency. This is critical because without real time video streaming remote vehicle operations or real time cloud AI outside the lab conditions (where the firewall is irrelevant) are simply not feasible.

Delta Cygni Labs developed the next generation of ultra low-latency streaming XRTC. On the one hand, it uses a pure TCP and thus does not require the opening of any inbound ports very much like HLS and RTMP. On the other hand, it is 30x faster than HLS and RTMP, and in terms of speed it is on a par with UDP-based WebRTC and QUIC.

In Callio FutureMINE project co-funded by Business Finland, Delta Cygni Labs together with other partners such as Sandvik and Normet Group will demonstrate the power of XRTC ultra low-latency streaming and POINTR video remote collaboration in the real mining environment. Finally unlocking the full potential of 5G with XRTC – secure and seriously fast!

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